Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's starting to dawn on NZ- or is it?

I heard an observation yesterday- that company service and the standard of tradesmen is going steadily down and that when trying to select a contractor for a tender, the bidders are all uniformly poor performers (as compared with the past)

Is it a case of  'the good old days are gone' and, as is the way, the winters of the youth were colder and the summers hotter, the beer cheaper and the girls prettier?


When the question was put "where are the good tradesmen we used to be able to get?', I answered 'AUSTRALIA'.

This is where so much of our talent has gone and it is getting really noticeable in the trades (probably with professionals of all kinds, but I deal mostly with the trades)

When we bleed of the population of a small city every year, it's not the feckless, the idlers and those who would not be missed that jump the ditch.

It's those who we NEED to keep the country moving forward. Soon we will have trouble just keeping it working.

Look around at those working in infrastructure and you will see more grey hair than otherwise...


KG said...

Didn't Key recently promise that they'd all be drawn back to NZ by the "lifestyle"?

Oswald Bastable said...

[Insert Tui ad here]

MathewK said...

Sadly, by the time enough wake up it's all over and too late.

Your only hope is that the witch running this joint runs it into the ground and all the kiwis go home because it's the same shit here.

The Gantt Guy said...

I wouldn't be too worried, Os. There's a federal election there next year, and I'm picking Gillard to do an Obama as the Sheeple vote for More Free Cake. After all, doesn't Tony Abbott hate women and blackfellas?

The economies of Vic and NSW are already moribund, and once Gillard is swept back into power on a wave of vitriol, invective and "hyper-bowl" she will se about doing the same to QLD and WA.

Those tradies will gradually start returning home when their businesses dry up and they realise there's a good future rebuilding Chch and fixing Akld leaky homes in the kinde, gentler socialist paradise of the Quisling Key's Democratic People's Socialist Republic of the Long White Cloud.

Oi said...

Low wage economy.