Thursday, December 15, 2011

A return to a bygone age

"Free milk is coming back to primary schools as dairy giant Fonterra prepares to launch a peace offensive with New Zealanders..."

I'm old enough to remember school milk. I would prefer to forget it, as it was well on the way to yoghurt by the time it was removed from the steel box by the gate. Put me and many of my generation off milk for life.

Now Fonterra have decided to supply it to schools, in a clever marketing move.

All very well, but who is going to pay for the thousands of refrigerators to keep the milk drinkable? Quite rightly, I can't see it being allowed to fester away in a concrete and steel sun-heated bunker, in these more enlightened times.

Muggins taxpayer, no doubt...


macdoctor said...

Perhaps, in an even sneakier sales-pitch, Coca-cola will donate fridges with their logo on them.

Anonymous said...

I recall the milk fondly - especially the day D Ferrens in primmer 3 (as I recall) drank 4 and then spewed the whole lot up again. Good entertainment and a lesson in how a liquid finds levels.

I bet it will be served cold this time and I would like it to be A2 milk.

Unknown said...

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