Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quit the hand-wringing

So, we are a nation of piss-heads. How about we stop wailing about 'irresponsible' drinking? It would seem that this is what we are and we need to get used to the fact.

Let's focus on clobbering the minority that use the drink as an excuse for their criminal activities.

Leave the poor sods who want to take solace in the bottle from their drab and pointless existence. They have paid their dues with the alcohol supertaxes and if it shortens their lives, they are a lesser burden as they age.

As one contemplates a lifetime of toil without respite, to be milked as a tax cow, until you are dispatched to the works- it's a wonder we drink as little as we do, to forget for a moment our lot in life...


Anonymous said...

While stupid kids will get trollied and taken advantage of by the sleezey I can't agree we should ignore this problem.

I think drunk and disorderly in public should see you safely locked in a cage until sober.

I also think the drinking age should go up (with some concessions around being out with your mum and dad) along with the tax on RTD's.

Nemesis said...

I think you highlighted one of the issues that will be vigorously pursued by the Left when smokes are finally banned by them.

Unless of course some people are able to find their spine and stand up to the bleeding hearts who are stripping us of everything that they believe is no good for us.

They say the young follow the old in their habits, but I believe to equate youth drinking problems with what the older generation may get up to, holds no water, as it is solely the youth who drink to excess in public which fuels their already anti-social behaviour into acts of monstrous stupidity which requires a firm hand to modify, and to which we are all missing out on due to the current victim mentality that inhabits the halls of power.

In NSW the police are now trialling a program of locking up the offensive drunk (usually young people) for the night and charging them accommodation rates, as well as giving them a fine. Talk about going back to the future! It's not heavy handed, but in today's atmosphere, where one is of the assumption that one can do no wrong, especially when pissed out one's brain, it may start to effect group thinking and become a wakeup call to the other idiots who wish to make arses of themselves.

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