Monday, October 31, 2011

MMP myths dispelled

Myth- We need MMP, so all views are represented.

Meaning minor parties- well, what ACTUALLY happens is they whore themselves to the main party to get in power and out go their principles (assuming they had any)

The party you supported and their policies have taken a trio to toilet town- along with your vote.

You see, when we voted MMP in, we underestimated how flexible a politicians morals and principles actually were.

It's all about power at any cost and the muggins voters be damned!


The probligo said...

Hey, lets face it.

Politics is probably the second oldest of the professions. Or perhaps third after lawyers.

Richard McGrath said...

Not all views are "represented" under MMP. Any party that polls under 5% is shut out unless they win an electorate seat. Witness NZ First and Christian Heritage in recent years.

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