Sunday, October 02, 2011

The hard part is getting the material

...The rest is relatively straightforward engineering.

Of course when the government wants an incident so serious they can seize power- the materials could be forthcoming.

An old warehouse, somewhere in a city and surround the device with drums of nuclear waste, to make it nice and dirty.

A timer counts down and the firing circuit is now active and awaiting a cell phone call or the secondary back-up timer to finish counting down. A cordite charge fires and a hollow slug of Uranium 235 slams onto the target at 300 metres per second. Microseconds later, a city starts to die and a nation is locked down.

All according to plan...

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The probligo said...

Old tech.

These days a "smaller" chunck of U235 is surrounded by a "conventional" explosive as a shaped charge.

The principle is that the U235 is compressed enough and for long enough for the chain reaction to begin and continue.

I would hazard a guess that some of the more sophisticated plastic HEs began in that role...

Have fun!!