Sunday, October 24, 2010


"...He was told the 25-year-old was brushing her teeth and had been mistaken for a deer.

A 25-year-old Hamilton man charged with careless use of a firearm will appear in the Taupo District Court on November 3.

The newspaper said it understood he shot her from the road alongside the camp site, after seeing her in his spotlight and thinking she was a deer or possum.

The woman, believed to be from Wellington, died metres from her tent in the Department of Conservation campsite on Kaimanawa Rd..."

Why is it that trigger- happy types that can't tell the difference between a deer or a possum or a human for that matter- always seem to hit what they are aiming at!

As for hunting next to a camping ground- I hope this idiot gets the full penalty of law dumped on him!

This cretin broke about every rule in the book. He should be going to prison for manslaughter, but this being the land of small consequences- it will probably be home detention or a token prison term.

The inevitable NZ knee-jerk reaction is 'tighter or more laws'. None of which would have changed a thing as he broke a bunch of them committing this crime.

As is so often the case, we have perfectly adequate laws for this situation. The judiciary need to start using the maximum penalties rather than the minimums!

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