Thursday, April 22, 2010

Softening the punters up

Over on Kiwiblog there is a 'leak' on a proposal to add supertax to alcohol.

Just before I heard this - it made the MSM- I was speculating about the motives behind the spate of programs regarding the effects of the demon drink!

There have been several in the last few days (I hear the TV while I'm working at the PC, lest you think I are watching state TV!)

As cash cows are seldom slaughtered, I guessed that we were being softened up for a big tax hike. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Of course the thought hitting those who actually cause problems when in their cups would never occur to the powers-that-be. Such as CHARGING them the full cost of their medical misadventures, depuking cells and police cars & uniforms and so on.

No, just shaft the majority who enjoy a quiet drink- as always!

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