Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Great NZ Blame Game

"A drunken woman who died after lying in a drain for five hours may have been saved if an ambulance had reached her sooner, a coroner's report says.

Hastings Coroner Chris Devonport ruled that Mt Maunganui woman Tina Bernadette Peene, 50, died on July 12 last year of hypothermia caused by exposure while she lay in the drain in "atrocious" weather.

He found ambulance communication lapses could have contributed to delays in finding her.

St John Ambulance has acknowledged there was a misunderstanding between its communications centre and officers searching for Ms Peene over her exact location, and apologised..."

How does this happen to be the St Johns fault? I see bugger- all to apologise for!

Did they pour cheap gin down her throat and throw her in the friggin ditch?

Has the dork of a coroner ever tried to find somebody outside on a rainy night?

Are Ambulance Officers issued with a frickin' German Shepherd trained to sniff out hidden patients?

I call it death by drunken stupidity.

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Kiwiwit said...

Yes, it seems everyone is to blame for self-inflicted harm except the individual who inflicts the harm upon him or herself. I suppose it is the corollary of our society's complete abrogation of individual rights - no expects any personal responsibility either.