Sunday, June 18, 2006

That takes care of the tax refund!

The Uberti Walker Colt- 4 1/2 pounds of the most powerful handgun until the invention of the .357 magnum. Built out of modern materials, it has lost the nasty tendency of the original to explode in your hand!
I have enough for one of these, a kilo of powder, a couple of hundred balls and maybe a holster.

To hell with a new computer!


Anonymous said...

well that sure is a mighty good lookin carbine there,

Anonymous said...

My brother had one of those. Very muzzle heavy to shoot. A memorable experience was once omitting to grease the front of cylinder: ever had a multiple, all-chambers-at-once discharge? Now that was character building!

Oswald Bastable said...

I have heard enough about having that happen to make sure my cylinder is always greased.

It's standing orders to do so at my club, after having had a few cook-offs!

Anonymous said...

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