Saturday, June 03, 2006

Family support bribes and moochers

On and off the blogs, I've been hearing blanket refferals to those on family support as 'moochers'.

IMNSHO, WFF is morally wrong- tax should be getting cut axcross the board for all workers. This unadulterated bribe is causing some real dissention out there.

Take any workplace. A group doing the same job on about the same pay. But wait- those with kids are getting more thanks to liarbour handing some of their outrageous tax grab back to some. This is damned unfair- which sums up the current tax rort.

Gloat about in and you seriously risk a smack in the mouth! Nothing like unfairness to cause a division- thanks again liarbour- divide and conquer!

Can you blame those workers (note I said 'workers'- we will revist that later) for taking back what was theirs in the first place?

I can't (and for the record, I'm one of them)

They are no different than the professional or business owner who has a good tax accountant minimise what is taken from him by the government.

They are not Moochers! No more than anyone who files for a tax refund.

There are Moochers benefiting from this setup. The bludgers who breed more than they can support. Be they working or on some kind of dole- this rort was made for them! I don't know that family support will cause them to breed any more- they previously showed no restraint in that area!

They also have the gall to want the 'In work' payment. What part of 'in work' can't the moochers understand...


Jude the Obscure said...

A little bit of information: Every Australian woman who gives birth gets $3,000 and on 1 July this year it goes up to $4,000. Not sure about other child benefits.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy if the tax system treated married couples as partners. i.e. income spliting. That would alieviate the need for some single income families to have to rely on family support/in work handouts.
Of course having and average wage big enough to support a spouce and 2 children would be good too.

KG said...

I don't see why the hell someone who chooses not to have children should subsidise those who do.
You want 'em. YOU pay for 'em.

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