Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You lost your normal rights on conviction

"Use of security cameras in prison showers and toilets is under the spotlight in the latest examination of conditions in New Zealand jails.
The 2014 annual report into places of detention under the United Nations' Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT) has harshly criticised the Corrections Department for breaching some prisoners' privacy because guards, including those of the opposite gender, can watch them showering and using the toilet..."

Cry me a river. I had to shower and take a dump out in public whilst in the Army. Nobody got all hot under the collar about that.

Fact is- as most know- the showers and toilets are the favorite place for bashing and buggery in a prison. Surveillance is for the inmates benefit.

But to avoid this is a simple thing.

Stay out of jail.


KG said...

Poor dears. What next, their yooman rites are being violated by them being locked up?

Oi said...

The UN could always go solve a crisis in Africa and not worry about criminals here that get better treatment than our pensioners.
God knows there's enough war and genocide on that continent to keep them occupied till damned near Judgement Day

paul scott said...

Toilets in Internatiuonal air craft are monitored . I always wave as I shove a
haemorrhoid pessary up there. Some of the wash basins in Suvarnabhumi airport have dark crap in them. Excuse me sir your ticket cancelled arab.

KG said...

They'd have something to complain about if the guards were watching then in a chain gang, breaking rocks.