Thursday, October 23, 2014

*Brain cells not included

"Maritime police have rescued five university students, thought to have been drinking, from Wellington's Island Bay after they got in to trouble on toy inflatables and were swept out to sea in gale-force winds.
Just after 2pm Maritime Police Sergeant Andy Cox said four of the group of university students, none of whom were wearing life jackets or had paddles, made it to Island Bay's island.
The fifth tipped out and was stranded struggling in the water before being rescued by Constable Tom McBride, a member of the police national dive squad, who swam him to shore..."
Yet again it is proven that intelligence is not required to attend university...


The Gantt Guy said...

And just think, in a couple of years those will be our political leaders and captains of industry.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm feeling good about our future.

Oi said...

Always been the same - fortunately they grind up against the real world - usually before they can do too much damage. [If they don't, they usually wind up in areas like the Greens where they can be contained]