Tuesday, September 02, 2014

How the hell did this ever get to court?

"A police woman has been found guilty of racially abusing a taxi driver during a late-night fare dispute in Queenstown.
Constable Jeanette May McNee, 44, known as Jenny, appeared for the second day of a judge-alone trial in Queenstown District Court today…"
PC gone mad!
She told him to feck off back to curry-land. (or suchlike) BIG DEAL.
In a grown up world, he would have replied in the manner of- 'well get out of the cab & walk and don't expect anyone else to pick you up'
But it's not a grown up world when this storm in a very small teacup winds up in court and the judge doesn't throw it out immediately.


Odakyu-sen said...

Where did she mention race? Geography and nationality maybe, but not race.

Oi said...

the only reason it made it to court, is that she is a police officer and the department will always shit on its staff in an attempt to prove to the public that they are squeaky clean. She's really collateral damage from the Cartwright report into police conduct.
Personally, I wonder what was said to her that set her off. I note that the judge refused to acknowledge 3 or 4 witnesses that backed the cops version - she [the judge] followed the party line and should be in line for promotion.

Nana said...

It appears there was no audio on the footage of the incident so it mystifies me as to how the officer was found guilty. Seems it was his word against hers and three other witnesses. Trial by media comes to mind.

the conservative said...

Oswald, your question makes me think you have forgotten where you live.

All insanty gets to court in this country and convictions are dished out readily for those ones. The only ones that get a free ride are the serious crimes.

Odakyu-sen said...

Honorable members of the police force should resign in protest.

(Unfortunately, that will mean that all the toadies left behind will be promoted...)

Oi said...

Bazley report, not Cartright!