Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's legalize drugs- what a good idea!

Hell, I know the current system is failing, but this is out of the frying pan and into the fire.

We are simply not ready for drugs to be more readily available. And the associated problems with synthetic cannabis are many fold- seizures, psychotic episodes, burglary and stoners panhandling on the streets near the outlets.

I still think the best deterrent is to drug screen in the workplace. This needs to include anyone on an unemployment benefit and needs to be backed up by billing related medical conditions for their treatment costs (alcohol too!)

It's been an interesting experiment and you can see how the LEGAL, albeit restricted, sales of amphetamines and opiates would probably pan out.

Sorry folks, try again in the 22nd century.


KG said...

I see the wheels are starting to fall off Colorado's drug legalization experiment--what a surprise.

the conservative said...

Yep, and that include dope too. There are just too many unknowns about marijuana to entertain the idea of legalising it. I just don’t understand how the same people who pushed for banning tobacco smoking are pushing dope smoking.

A lot more research into dope needs to be undertaken:

paul scott said...

I am a person who took a lot of drugs in my life. It is not just age but I have seen clearly that the drugs did not help my life or my family. It seemed like a good time and the years went past. I sometimes still smoke some dope, but my dealer passes on synthetic which is not the same. Its like offering Bastable a Dunedin Whisky branded as Scotch, he is not going to fall for it.

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