Sunday, February 02, 2014

Caught out

"Takapuna Countdown in Auckland will be banned from selling alcohol for seven days from February 10 and the staff member in charge will lose his general manager's certificate for 30 days.
Breaches of this type have previously earned suspensions of up to five days and police involved in the case hoped the recent decision released by the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority would mark a new hardline stance.
The Sunday Star-Times asked Countdown how much the seven-day loss of licence would cost the business financially but received no response.
An industry source said alcohol typically made up 10 per cent of a supermarket's weekly revenue but the cost could be much greater…"
(Bold mine)
Now here is something interesting- not the ban but the figure quoted- "…10 per cent of a supermarket's weekly revenue…"
The 'let's tax the crap out of everything we disapprove of brigade' have been telling us that supermarket booze is a loss-leader and is so cheap in order to attract customers to the store. Here it appears that losing this income will be a big hit to the supermarket.
SOMEBODY is telling porkies...


the conservative said...

They do have loss leaders on certain alcohol lines which is made up on other alcohol lines and grocery lines. But overall, supermarkets aren't discounting alcohol at all, so it seems to me this drive against supermarkets is all about taxing alcohol. (But that is for our good--that is for stamping out alcohol abuse - yeah right?)

paul scott said...

My local supermarket, expanded their alcohol shelves to about 5% of their space. All the staff say it is a major income, but they still ring a bell when I go through ,double check to see if I am old