Sunday, April 21, 2013

False Flag Operations

NO, I don't think so.

While some of those in power are quite capable of ordering such a thing to further their pet causes, it simply is not necessary.

All they need do is spin and exploit the random acts of evil that will happen. HAve a contingency plan in place and as soon as someone goes nuts somewhere and stacks up bodies, these fuckers are exploiting the misery of other to their own ends.

-We NEED to ban firearms.
-We NEED to search without a warrant.
-We NEED to detain indefinitely.
-We NEED to forget about Habeas Corpus.
-We NEED to have compulsory ID
-We NEED to DNA sample EVERYONE...

You get the picture?

While the powers-that-be were pissed that the Boston murderers were not WASP Tea-Party NRA members, all is not lost. Just brush over the Islam connection and clamp down on Vets, patriots, preppers, church-goers and supporters of the Constitution.

(NOTE- why is a NZ'r going on about USA issues?- guess where most of my viewers hail from. And if the USA falls- we go down too- like it or not!)


KG said...

Yep, with a compliant media and low-info population, elaborate conspiracies are unnecessary.

Oswald Bastable said...

Occam's razor...

Ronbo said...

Don't forget the hardcore 42% of the American population that is NOT going along with any of the Obama Regime's crap - and are still very busy buying guns, ammunition, medical gear, helmets, flak jackets, tents, sleeping bags, etc., etc. in preparation for what looks like a civil war in America.

As a wise man noted, if two dumbass Muzbot terrorists can turn Boston upside down for a week, just think of what an army of several million well armed patriots could do to the United States.

The Obama Regime has better had war gamed its next moves to tyranny very, very carefully, because if they start an insurrection, the patriots will be coming for the authors of revolution.

All of us alive 20 years ago witnessed how quickly communism collapsed in Russia in 1991 when met with determined resistance.

KG said...

There are a hell of a lot of people who wouldn't regard revolution as a catastrophe, not by a long shot. :)