Monday, March 18, 2013

How is the drought working out for you?

Not so good, probably.

It's going to get worse.

So ask yourself- where are all the dams that could be storing water for drinking and irrigation?

Thats right- they haven't been built- thanks to the RMA and greenie appeasement.

So when you get told you can't water your garden, have gotten shit prices for the stock you must thin out or you can't flush the crapper- you know who to blame.

So stop voting for parties that are into greenie appeasement.

And physically punish the next greenie that opens their mouth and that included to draw breath!


ZenTiger said...


I was at my council to invest in a dam ($50M) rather than spend $25M+ o bore water and water meters.

Nope, apparently, by installing water meters, the price of water will not go up, and we'll all have enough because people will have to pay more for water (but the price didn't go up) forcing them to not use water (see, the price didn't go up, because you can't afford to actually use any).


KG said...

Kill a greenie, water the vegies.

the conservative said...

I live in Auckland on a metered system where our out going fees used to be based on our incoming water usage. So I invested in a tank to save incoming water usage, but only to find Len Brown changed the system to more of a set fee, now I pay more--no incentive to use tank water anymore. Go figure?