Friday, June 29, 2012

Young Sir, I salute you.

Bobby Adlam died on Monday night as a result of Duchennes muscular dystropy, a medical condition that involves a gradual disintegration of the muscles.
His father, Pete Smith, said the disease made his son's muscles slowly waste away.
Adlam was not able to walk or hold up heavy objects, but this did not stop him from embarking on one of his great passions – the outdoors.
Adlam first featured in the Manawatu Standard in 2007 during the opening of the Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge in the Ruahine Forest Park. Getting to the lodge was a 45-minute trek, so his family put him in a wheelbarrow and wheeled him there."

There is a young man who will be dearly missed. I really feel for his family who gave him the best life he could hope for.

This is not some idiot lamented because he died from an act of stupidity- as are so many others.

He was a person who really touched the lives of many others and matttered a damn.

I never knew Bobby but I know he will be sadly missed...


brian_smaller said...

I shed a tear when I read this the other day. Not sadness, because I didn't know the bloke, but because he lived a rich life as best he could with what he had.

Oswald Bastable said...

Got me like that, too...

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks Oswald. A meaningful life lived.