Monday, May 11, 2009

Register criminals, not firearms

The knee-jerk cry of yet more firearms control from the gibbering talkback callers was quite predictable. They fail to realise the big bad military style firearms are already required to be registered.

Lets look at the registration of a far greater killer- THE CAR. Has registration prevented cars from being:
  • Driven under the influence
  • Stolen
  • Used as weapons
  • Used to commit suicide
  • Used to commit crimes
  • Used by unlicensed drivers

That would have to be a resounding NO to all of the above.

Same goes for firearms. Like with nukes, pandora's box has been opened and you can't make them go away.

However, I suspect our masters will try to erode our freedoms once again. Perhaps they might pause and consider registering all those with three or more criminal convictions and the career indigent.

They would have to report to police when they change address, be subject to random visits to ensure they live where they are meant to, have no illegal substances, stolen property or other illicit items in their possession and have to carry compulsory ID when out in public. Their DNA is added to the police database.

It's a thought...

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