Sunday, January 25, 2009

Camping- it works

Why go live in an un-air-conditioned tent with no broadband access or HD TV?

Wife lies about in the sun drinking wine and is happy.

Kids orbit the camping ground with other kids and are happy.

I get to drink beer all day and barbeque mammal-flesh twice a day.

Once a day I have to go the the supermarket for more beer, wine, ice and mammal-flesh and take the kids to the pool in lieu of bathing.

When you have all the gear, it works.

You will need:
300 litres of chilly bin capactity (that's an Esky to you chaps in the West Island) You will need more if you want to keep food cool.

A good lamp- the new LED lamps go for ages on a set of batteries.

Air mattresses and a blower that runs off the car battery

Duvets- forget that sleeping bags unlesss you like extreme bondage

A big tent -preferably two- one for the kids.

An automatic bug spray dispenser

MP3 players and car rechargers

PSP or equivalent for child distraction

Comfy chairs

lots of change

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