Wednesday, May 30, 2007


A well known NZ blogger died suddenly this morning.

Dodderyoldfart had a unique blog. By all acounts he was the only known road worker blogger (I had tried to verify this and was unable to find any other!)

His blog was also unique in being always good humoured and devoid of any politics!

I would visit every weekday to see what the latest amusing picture would be.

Most blogs vanish by the wayside, but this one will truely be missed.



Mrs Smith said...

Oh God, how awful. I never knew Doddery, but have read his blog for ages. What sad news.

llew said...

WTF????!!! How do you know? What happened?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, no.

llew said...

Thanks for the heads up Oswald.

I'm gutted.

Anonymous said...

I was very sad to hear just by chance D.O.F.'death. I found s blog site by chance& ever since have checked it out to see what new pearls of wisdom were there notto updates on the latest mishap on our local highway.
I have it would have bee nice to have made his acquaintance on the side ofthe road. Too late!!!