Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And the point is...

Former top brass at Television New Zealand labelled MPs "bastards" and the "enemy", and described Parliament's select committee process as "useless" and "toxic".


In one email, Mr Boyce says the inquiry hearing will be "bloody" and refers to MPs on the committee saying "these bastards are our enemy".
He talks about being "devastated" when he saw who the committee wanted to hear from.
He also refers to the select committee as "the circus" and says TVNZ is "just a plaything for the politicians".

Ok, so they have stated what a hell of a lot of us also say- especially-"The bastards are our enemy."

Not so much 'News' as 'Olds'

The public service is supposed to be 'politically neutral'. If it's OK for most of them to have their tongues firmly lodged up Liarbour's arse, it must be OK for others to despise them- that's called 'Balance' ...

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Anonymous said...

i don't know why the people's cant learned you ring em up to talk dirty, like bastable say i wanted to say something secret to yuo, i ring yous up,