Sunday, September 25, 2005

Target- Sanctimonius assholes at 'work'

Just watched another session of nit-picking and hair-splitting. I bet those wankers are all members of the Labour party!

When they can't find real juicy stuff, like knicker-sniffers or arse scratchers, they start on the safety angle. Which might be good if real safety standards were being compromised.

The latest was the terrible crime of appliance servicemen not doing insulation testing after replacing a switch. The nearest analogy I can think of is requiring your car to have a new WOF after being fitted for a new tyre.

Technically they are correct- this test is required by the regulations, but in the real world is seldom done. Hell, I have serviced thousands of appliances without doing so. If I thought it needed an insulation test, I would have done so. Changing a simple part doesn't, regardless of what some arse- covering regulation might state.

What is the this self appointed watchdog achieving?

1- As often as not, two tradesmen turn up as an arse-covering excercise. (guess who pays)

2- Unnessesary work is done (guess who pays)

3- Companies operate from a holding company and simply change name and wind the old one up- It's cheaper and easier to do that that to clear your name.

Most of these people are well aware the customer wants the job done as cheap as possible. While the costs of servicing seem high, the friggin' compliance costs -all the permits, cerification, training, test equipment are huge- without getting into vehicle costs and tax issues!

I personally know of several trademen targeted. One simply ignored their demand for an explanation, the other sent a rather witty response to his investigating, but not eating from, a box of chocolates!

I wish more of these companies spyed on would tell them to fuck off!

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