Monday, May 28, 2007

Zero alcohol limit- place bets now!

You can bet that is what we will have soon.

This sort of article is setting the stage for this new assault by the 'Saving you stupid people from yourselves' social engineering nazis.

This will, of course, stop the drunken morons driving totally whammed, as they will have no excuses! [Insert Tui ad here]

It WILL bring in a heap more fine money from those hardened recidivists who indulge in a beer or glass of wine before they drive.

If they want to do THAT, they should have a taxpayer-funded driver...

That done, our Dear leaders can move on to stopping evil schoolkids for eating pies & chips!

1 comment:

Scotty said...

Right you are.

People abuse their kids - Let's ban smacking!!
People are abusing junk food - Let's ban junk food!!

For crying out loud! If only they applied their twisted logic to welfare.