Friday, May 25, 2007

In print!


Barnsley Bill said...

Well done, how does one secure a copy of each??

Unknown said...

An exchange of "money" takes place in what we call a "transaction".

And then for reasons never explained both parties give money to a group of well known lairs thieves and fraudsters so that they can give it to other people who contribute nothing themselves.

Oswald Bastable said...

I'm considering what to do now!

These are sample copies- the sort of thing one gives to a publishing house, hoping for them to give me money.

The next step is to go to another printing outfit and go to a more polished (and expensive) print including ISBN and copyright drama included.

Now that I have physically seen what the books look like, I'm considering rolling them into one. I'm thinking it may look better as a bigger book!

Deadman said...

Bigger is better - Think Wat and Peace!

Murray, I think I'm beginning to understand you finally and you know what? I like it!

When you have a copy for SALE, Oswald, give us the info on where to order it.

Congrats, mate!

KG said...

This "transaction" business sounds like a great idea.
Perhaps the person my wife and I wired a "loan" of $160 to from Waipawa Post Office nearly two years ago will repay the "debt".

KG said...

no no! it wasn't our esteemed host. :-)

Oswald Bastable said...

I have to do another proof, as I have found too many typos in these sample runs!

The commercial version should be ready soon!

But the books are available for loan at the Featherson Library!

I should put the other two pairs of samples on trademe- if the books ever took off, these would become very valuable!