Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A more creative Death Penalty

It's been a hot topic these last few days.

I'm not talking about on the blogs and newsgroups or even the antique media here.

This is being talked about everywhere in NZ.

What to do with shitheads that choose to live outside the law. The useless, gutless wankers that can only get by in a gang, with a bunch of tribal-minded knuckle-dragging cretins.

The answer, as usual is simple and one widely spoken out there!

They want to play the hard man warrior- let them. Secure a large paddock, supply them with axes, machettes, spears & clubs and let them have at each other.

No rules, no time limit, no rescue.

Then shoot the last one standing.


PM of NZ said...


Unfortunately that is what they are doing right now - the paddock just happens to include our suburbs like Gonville and Highbury

Oi said...

You cant be [gasp!] thinking of breaching their rights surely!

Scotty said...

Ha! There is a certain amount of appeal in that idea.

Anonymous said...

this is exactly what I suggested to the better half last week, except as a cost cutting measure I'd have a "run what you brung" (pardon the grammar) rather than one last hand out.

MathewK said...

Can we push in a few leftist criminal coddlers in there as well.

Oswald Bastable said...

That would be the curtain-raiser!