Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let them use their drug money on houses!

Don't rent houses to gangs!

This is the sort of thing that happens when you do.

I propose that all Housing Corp. properties (the one US taxpayers own!) have an exclusion on gang members or associates. After all- they just aren't good tenants.

Let the scum use their drug money to buy houses that they can then treat with the contemt they show towards eveything and everybody else.

Giving them cheap housing and benefit money is like feeding rabid pigeons!


Scotty said...

Why is it that average people can see how dumb it is giving cheap housing to gangs and yet the so-called smart people running our country can't?

Ever thought of starting a political party?

Anonymous said...

I own a house in Taita that had gang members move in next door. The house next door, a Housing Corp property, was trashed. I mean really trashed. There was not one single wall, or part of wall, that was not kicked in. The floors had even been smashed up with a sledgehammer or something. HC spent a fortune reinstating the house and the contractors did a great job. It was really nice - and you guessed it - they let it to another gang family.

Brian Smaller