Saturday, May 05, 2007

Things NOT do do #3768

Buy a five year-old boy a very large & expensive Transformer!

Unless, that is- you

1- don't mind all day switching this very complicated gadget from truck to battle robot!
2- are prepared to spend all day changing his weaponry
3- can re-attach bits that come off
4- break up fighting over posession of same toy
5- like hearing the whole history of the Transforer collection repeated on a continuous loop
6- mind having the Transformer DVD resurrected and played endlessly
7- can make sense of the cryptic 28 step instructions- see point #1
8- have the patience of three saints on prozac


sweetpea said...

And that is after you spend 20 minutes getting the thing out of the packaging with small boy asking you to hurry up every 3 seconds.

Oswald Bastable said...

So- you brought one too!

Jimmy Jangles said...

I nominate you for best dad of the week award! Wait till the new movie comes out then you'll be broke!

kareynz said...

*snort* - I'm so grateful my kids are passed all that stuff now. I do remember getting son a Thomas the Tank Engine set. Mr K and I assembled it the night before X-mas to make sure it went and after watching it for about 10 minutes Mr K asked "Do you think they know they aren't actually accomplishing anything". :-/ okaaaaaaaay

sweetpea said...

No I haven't bought that transformer only the lego type block set ones, they are bad enough. I have also purchased Bratz dolls against my better judgement. They have packaging that requires serious tools (side cutters)to get into. Scissors won't do it.