Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pull the plug on the stupid!

I can see where all the fuss over electricity is headed- or what the state worshipers whould like to see.

Let the state provide electricity for all! (except those nasty business people)

You will have to pay more taxes for this, but think of the lives that will be saved!

We know what you need- and you wants are but delusions!

I wonder if surround yourself with people to stupid to make a simple decision qualifies one for a Darwin Award when they let you die...


Oi said...

This was my answer on another site, where the evil company was being lambasted for killing this woman

One of my previous existances was as a Power Board faultman.
Never yet, have I ever come across a power disconnection without warnings, often 2 or 3, being sent out prior to the event, advising them of the consequences of failing to pay their bill.

Now mr union rep can wave a power bill round as often as he likes, but I'll bet that they had been so advised.

Bugger them!
Why should the rest of the honest customers carry freeloaders?

If one of them turned up at the neighbours holding on to the end of a power cord, I'll warrant there would not have been the slightest hesitation.

These people had hours to solve the immediate problem after the links were pulled!

It wasnt........ Ker-chunk, powers off / Gurgle-Gargle, mums dead!

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I fainted and fell in the kitchen. I was unco on the floor. My kids were, at the time, 7 and 9. They summoned help and I received medical aid.

My now nine year old daughter said "Why didn't her kids dial 111?" I had to reply "because they were thick as bricks."

Brian Smaller

Unknown said...

Natural selection is merciless bitch mistress who can't even spell PC.

Anonymous said...

Buying memory is such a chore... You have to Google prices, sort through which ones are legit, visit a bunch of stores,compare prices, finally buy your memory, and then fervently pray that the price doesn't fall in the next month or so.

I've been f'd over by rapid price drops in the past... especially this one time when I bought a Micro SD for my R4 gaming flash card at what apparently was a steal, only to later see that it fell $5 in a week.

(Submitted on Nintendo DS running [url=]R4i[/url] R4Submit)