Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is taxpayer Tv being run by girls?

It is playing in the background - the last couple of hours have been all about cleaning dirty houses, cleaning up your act, tarts and metrosexual nacnys playing doctors and nurses.

This has not gone unnoticed by others!

And let's not even go there on the subject of the goddamn 'public safety messages'

(where these weinie stations get their tax money by stealth)

Feck- now it's bloody cooking!


Anonymous said...

TVNZ is the pits!

With our tax money all we seem to get is screaming commercials and Pommie soccer at breakfast, Pommie soaps during the day, and "Quality British Drama" in the evenings that is so obtuse that even Lindsay Perigo can't understand them!

Just as well we have Sky [with 2 decoders].

Seamonkey Madness said...

You do understand that its Mothers Day soon?

Why else all the ads about household cleaners, irons, baking goods etc. They are excellent ideas for gifts!


KG said...

Mother's bloody Day!
every day is mother's flaming day, far as I can see. What with documentaries about breasts, documentaries about wombs, newspaper and magazine articles about wimmin's problems/issues/concerns/triumphs/botox treatments.....
jeez, I'm sick of it. Do women have a life apart from their effing menstrual cycles and wombs?