Sunday, May 27, 2007

Breeders- my opinion

This differs a bit from over here, but I believe I'm using it in a different context.

I use it to describe not all those who are- well- breeding.

I use to to describe those who pop out kids as a meal ticket. Those who spawn indescriminatly knowing the taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab.

The sort that have seven kids and have never held a job.

The ones who do have jobs, but have more kids than they can support and also whine for more taxpayer money. (and they got it-WFF)

The ones who give their offspring a shit quality of life, because it's apparently THEIR right to calve as ofthe as they like.

To those just too damned lazy to bother with contraception.

AND I include the worthless animated sperm banks that these slappers use to impregnate themselves.


Anonymous said...

Well Oswald on reading the SST feature that generated that post the "breeders" they featured might have been better off getting a Bijon Fise instead of having kids.

It wouldn't have cramped their lifestyle as much

To The Max said...

Contraception in the water supply is the answer. To apply for breeding you must have sufficient financial backing and have no psychological disorders whatsoever. To ask that you should also be gorgeous as well may be pushing it a tad - but maybe not!!!