Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Burn the Witch!

or warlock- whatever it is!

On the radio today I heard the evil one admit that 'Families are struggling'

No shit, when we all get taxed every which way.

Quote:"I think that's terrible for families, because as we know Working for Families extends to about 70 per cent of families with children. That tax cut for them is very badly needed

Hat Tip- Whaleoil

So WFF is a tax cut now?

Anyway- why not have a taxfree threshold in income- say $the first 20k?- as they do in many places across the world. Dump WFF. Without the army of laborite drones to administer it, there would be more brass to go back to were it belongs- in the pockets of those who EARNED it!

But then the evil rich would get something out of it!- can't have that!

So sorry folk- you will just have to keep struggling , to ensure the rich can't have a better model of Beemer!

Remember- they made us do it to you!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The masculine of witch is witch.

Warlock is an Anglo-Saxon term meaning someone who breaks oaths.

I'll accept either as accurate in this case.