Friday, May 04, 2007

Pit Bulls

The wife has been delivering phone books for a school fundraiser.

There was one property she could not deliver to- they had a pit bull that kept try to get her as she tried to reach over to the letterbox.

She has asked me to deliver it for her.

I told her to throw the friggin' phonebook over the fence and if the dog eats it- tough shit!

Maybe I should season the phonebook with 1080...


Barnsley Bill said...

we keep talking about banning pit bulls but nobody ever mentions banning the owners. At my sunny end of the country they are all owned by fat brown people who put the case of lion red in the baby seat and make the kid sit on mums knee while they drive home to kaikohe. I wish the cops would stop writing pointless tickets for seat belt infringemets. They do not pay the fines anyway and without the belts these prehistoric fucktards are self weeding.

KG said...

Too bloody right, BB. We had some experience with those retards up there and I never want to go anywhere near the place again.
Primitive, antisocial thieving bastards.
And anyone who suggests that's racist--eff you and the horse you rode in on--I challenge you to walk the streets of Kaitaia at 10pm on any night of the week. Alone.

sweetpea said...

People with dogs like that don't need mail or phone books.
Pity it wasn't the Auckland phone books you were delivering. One thrown with accuracy would make a good weapon. The other two are extra ammo.

Anonymous said...

A pitbull is a badge of an anti-social loser with an irredeemable inferiority complex and the small genitalia that go with it.

Meal of the Day for a pitbull is a chest full of 12-bore AAA buckshot.

KG said...

Absolutely, anonymous. Why can't they be added to the list of shootable vermin this duck season?
(the owners, that is)

Anonymous said...

Billy Connolly treated this a few years ago. (in the U.K. of course) Apt descriptions such as : A shark on a leash, A Row of teeth and an arse hole. And of the parliamentary Debate:
Lets shoot the fuckers!

No, lets cut their balls off!

Lets shoot them AND cut their balls off!

Lets cut their balls of first, then shoot the fuckers!.

then they all got pissed and had a sing song, until finally....

QUESTION: will we shoot them or will we cut their balls off?.

DECISION: We'll make people register them at the Post Office!!

BB has the right idea: ban stupid people.