Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another 'Yeah Right' idea

Compulsary Third-Party insurance- that's going to stop boy racers!

It's about as likely to succeed as sex education was in preventing teenage pregnancies!

Restricted and learners licences are also as effective as a fishnet condom.


The ones that are being targeted have zero regard for the law. The boy racer with the $30k custom car isn't going to rish having it taken. The wankers that buy an old soobaroo for a grand don't give a shit- they will just go and buy another. Or steal one.

So what chance thier insurance will be paid up? A number very close to or very actually zero.

Who will tke the inevitable shafting?

You guessed it! All of us who have insured our cars all along. WE will be paying the price for the uninsured, as the insurance companies won't be out of pocket.

ALREADY we carry the cost of the uninsured drivers. How many of my readers can tell a tale of being hit buy an ininsured cretin in a rusted out shitbox?

Mine was a classic.

I was hit by a wanker drunk and speeding, while he was driving on the wrong side of the road around a blind corner. 'His' car had been brought on finance by a girlfriend a few months earlier. Of course they had cancelled the mandatory insurance policy on a vehicle on finance straight after getting the car.

My old Toyota had a market value of $2500, so I only had third party insurance on it. Of course he had none, as I explained above.

I didn't even realise that my policy had a payout of up to $5k on a no-fault crash. I had no end of supporting evidence from the police that I was entirely blameless and AMI paid out without hesitation- I didn't even ask, not realising I was covered- they offered a payout without a single prompt!

All kudos to AMI insurance! One hears so many insurance horror stories, but I could not fault the way they acted!

Hopefully they are in the queue to have a piece of this craphead, along with the finance company they cheated and the Ministry of Justice.

I would like to see the periodic detention system reworked for these persistant offenders. When not working they spend their time inside the wire in a no-frills Sherrif Joe type camp!

They can watch the cars as they clean up the roasides in chains!


Unknown said...

These dickwads keep trying to deal with people who don't give a rats arse about laws by passing more laws.

This is a level of blind bloody stupidity that makes you wonder how they manage to walk and talk let alone administrate our country.

Not fit for office.

Seamonkey Madness said...

I guess you've heard what compulsary third-party insurance is like in the UK?

When it was made compulsary, all the insurance companies jacked up their prices, as it was now against the law TO NOT HAVE 3rd party. So now if you are driving a shitbox, you will be paying its value in insurance bills, every two years or so. Makes owning a car a very attractive option doesn't it?


Mrs Smith said...

Sherrif Joe looks a hard bastard. I'd do him.

Anonymous said...

Again, the sentiments I agree with Oswald, but the metaphor, 'fishnet condoms' is just one step too far. Some of us grew up with this 'stockinged image' Oswald & that you could demean it in such a cursory manner ... this is just not on!
Next you'll be condoning reconstructive surgery for those 'non stealth B52 presentations' & another iconic experience/memory will be lost forever. Be careful Oswald, you're in to the realms of social engineering here.

Oswald Bastable said...

My idea of social engineering consists of running people over with bulldozers..

Unknown said...

Something wrong with tanks now?