Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What can I say 'Sod Off' to today?

I didn't have to look too hard

Here is a good one -Auckland 'needing' $300 million for a conference center. Just like my young'uns saying that they 'need' a chocolate biscuit. Except I don't expect all of NZ to chip in for the biscuit!

AS always, the answer is simple.

If this is such a great proposition put your own cash up front, form a company and raise the money by loans and shares.


Otherwise- 'Sex & Travel'


Unknown said...

The only thing Auckland "needs" in amounts of 300 is a high tide.

sweetpea said...

They have already got all of that at the showgrounds/Logan Campbell centre.Ok, and upgrade is probably in order as it is getting a bit tatty but it is the right size. The city literally bristles with conferance facilities of all sizes and functions. The Aotea centre has two Auditoriums and can be used for confrences, then there are varius hotels, town hall,the Vector arena, Elleslie race course, Alexandrea park, Avondale Race Course, Eden Park (yes they do already have one)to name a few.
If Auckland Rugby wants one of their own (another one that is)THEY CAN PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.

sweetpea said...

Please note I have only named the ones I can think of in Auckland City. There are other conference venues in Waitakere, North Shore and Manukau of various sizes as well.

Anonymous said...

Look guys, I know a lot of you don't have a high opinion of us jafas, but please don't judge us all by one cereal maker who wants to dedicate a coloseum to himself.

Unknown said...

We're not, we judging you on all of you. It aint pretty.

BTW "jafa" predates Hubbard by a long way.

Cheer up, have a latte'... if you can find it in the power cut of course.