Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hullen's new bitch

* Smurfette* Key has just declined to deliver a terminal kicking to the opposition when they were down!

That's why Helen is smiling, without the aid of an airbrush- she just acquired a new poodle!

Now we see Liarbour-lite in their true colours- like the lillac tie, they are pink, with a hint of blue.

The Prime Objective- get into power at all costs. This could mean what was thought unthinkable- a Liarbour-Natsocialist alliance!

Be afraid- very afraid!

*Smurf- a blue skin over pink & red insides


Anonymous said...

"The Prime Objective- get into power at all costs."

Absolutely. "screw the principle, what about the baubles" seems to be the operating mode here.
Scum also rises to the top....

Anonymous said...

I love this picture... There's John, head & shoulders above Klark and Bradford. Looking down (appropriatley) on Sue, her "this aint over" expression, his "maybe not, but you just lost a shitload more than I ever could" and the true brilliance of this photo: Dear Leader, in the back seat, a passenger, barely managing to get her mug in shot with an unmistakably false smile.


Unknown said...

Right, its all about the fucking photo. Screw the 85% of the people these idiots are supposed to represent.

Anonymous said...

Hey Oswald,

Go back and have another look at you photo for this blog item.

Notice that Key is shaking Sue Bradfords right hand with his right hand BUT NOTE he also has got SB's hand double clasped with his left hand as well.

He is holding SB in a photo opportunity for his pleasure..

Now look again at his "overbearing grin" and ask yourself who is in control.

Now look at Helens smile? of recognition of that fact..

If you agree with my observations then you can wind back a notch or two with your "Be afraid, very afraid caution.

I would suggest a "Be cautious, very, very cautious", would be appropriate..

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes, he has beaten stoopid sue.

Which hullen is enjoying.

We shall see...

julie said...

By the sounds of it, you are more onto it than I am.

Batman and Robin, (Keys and English) are like two little boys in the playground being supervised by their nannies.

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Anonymous said...

Just when I think my conspiracy theories can be put away and I can convince myself that the pollies are not complete scumbags this happens and I'm back to square one. Bastard.