Friday, May 11, 2007

An observation on NZ'rs

I have often noted that its the small and some would say- insignificant thing that get us riled up.

The latest example would be the Subway incident. The rights or wrongs of that aside, we are getting more steamed up over that than a govermnent that constantly steals, rorts or extorts from us. Go figure!

We get rioting in the streets over a rugby tour, but bugger-all over a government that strip-mines the taxpayers and criminalises nearly all of us in some way.

Somebody shoots a duck with a arrow or kicks a kitten to death and it gets as much or more press than children beaten to death. We have TV programes dedicated to the SPCA prosecuting animal cruelty cases, yet kids are permitted to live in drug labs with parents not fit to raise cockroaches!

There is a long overdue reality check awaiting...


KG said...

Outrage of the easy stuff and apathy over the things that matter....
It's weird, all right.
A fixation with trivia and indifference to principles.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps people ignore the more important issues because they don't feel that they can make an informed decision on complex issues.

Of the recent bills, the protest over the anti-smacking legislation, seems to be one of the bills which has had the most public opposition recently. The arguement could be gasped easily; it didn't take an Einstein to explain it in nice simple terms. So, people do get heated on important issues when they have the knowledge or experience to debate them.

There is one group, though, that is apathic when it comes to public debate and opposition on issues, University students the supposedly informed and impassioned youth.