Saturday, May 26, 2007

There IS an easier way!

The inmates are Revolting!

I know I always found them so!

According to the radio news, a bunch of crapheads had gotten onto the roof of one of the wings.

Why all the fuss getting them off?

Nothing that a little aggressive negotiating with a 30-06 won't sort in ten seconds!

Turn one of their heads into a canoe and the rest will be down off that roof and assuming the position before you can say 'who's next?'


Unknown said...

Ooo oo pick me pick me!

I can get them down, I'll give Matt a call and we can have the arbalest there in less than hour!

It can be like my birthday present.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'd jump off pretty smartly if you set up a twin 12.5mm Browning on an opposite roof top. I haven't fired one for years and wouldn't mind having a go!

PM of NZ said...

You guys are just so gung ho!

A 100mm fire hose with the nozzle accidentally wide open, coupled with a wind chill factor would be easier.

Anonymous said...

pm of nz - that is for afterwards mate. We just gotta teach you how to do things properly.

Anonymous said...

Should have just left the fuckers up there to starve to death

Anonymous said...

Even a fire hose and good soaking would have got them off. The building was only one story high. The fall wouldn't have killed them. An extra month for every dollar damage they cause might be good as well.

Brian Smaller