Saturday, May 26, 2007

This is news?

If it isn't a cow, pig, sheep or chook some folk get all peculiar!

I have partaken of giddyup stew years ago- it's nothing to write home about, but makes a reasonable vindaloo.

But curry makes just about anything edible...


PM of NZ said...

'Who put the roo in the stoo, blue?' is positively tasty...

Andrei said...

I ate horse in France years ago.

Aparently there was a trade where unwanted useles horses were exported to France from England for the table at one point.

A big fuss resulted and the trade was stopped.

However old horses still end up in cans of dog food in Great Britain - go figure.

andrei said...

Eating horse is plain wrong apparently

Join the campaign Shut Down Horse Slaughter

Anonymous said...

Andrei - horses are not exactly an endangered species, and they are not going to be indiscrimately slaughtered like whales in a commercial hunting sense. Good horse meat is grown specifically for the table and it damned good. I had some in Italy a few years ago and it was delicious.

Brian Smaller
PETA (People for Eating Tasy Animals)