Monday, May 21, 2007

Boy Racer Repellent

It would work better than a new host of laws and regulations that will no doubt prove toothless.

Like the laws already on the books.

But then a bunch of mayors wouldn't get a junket...


Deadman said...

Browning Automatic Rifle?

I have heard that the BAR, used on US tanks as well, has remained largely unchanged in design since WWI, because there really hasn't been any room for improvement.

BTW, totally agree with the subject matter. I'd like one for traffic control on my street.

Unknown said...

Bollocks. The BAR is an infantry rifle calibre lmg with a bipod and is mag fed. Same principle of the hard barrel SLR.

Thats the browning .50 cal. It'll make soft skin vehicles look like Swiss cheese at 7.5ks. It takes a trained man to operate well and keep it firing like an armoured crewman, not some knuckle dragging ground pounder who needs to be retrained every time he takes more than a 15 minute tea break.

Happiness is a belt fed weapon.

Deadman said...

BAR stands for Browning Automatic Rifle. While I realize that it is a weapon carried by the infantry, my understanding is that that one has the same basic mechanism as the one used on tanks.

There are, of course, significant differences in the outer accoutrements as one is designed to be used as you describe and the other is mounted on a tank.

And my original post was a question, not a statement. Although I suspect that this is not the same weapon, as you assert. I will defer to your and Oswakld's superior knowledge of weaponry which is why I ASKED in the first place, for fuck's sake?

Is it not possible that both used the same mechanism to fire both .30 and .50 caliber rounds, and perhaps that is what was alluded to in the documentary i was watching?

And Jesus Christ Almighty, Murray, are you always this irascible or do I just have a knack for catching you before the first cup of coffee???

Hey, Oswald, give me your address so I can send you a few bucks to buy Murray a drink on me, would you?

Oswald Bastable said...

It is the venerable M2 .50 caliber. Quite different from the BAR in all aspects.

The M2 is indeed still around as the design has not been bettered!

You got that bit right!

A lot of Browning's work is like that, esp. the 1911 .45ACP pistol

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to fire a .50 cal when I was in Sri Lanka in the late 80s. Nothing like a few dollars to get some impoverished soldiers to give you a go with their weapons!

Brian Smaller

Unknown said...

I don't drink coffee.

You wouldn't like me if I drank coffee.

And when you've humped both the HB SLR or BAR (whats the R for?) and a fifty (86lbs - 50lb body+36lb barrel) you tend to develop more direct views.

One is a rifle the other is a machine gun. The mechanism could be said to be similar but this would be true of a sopwith pup and spitfire both using the same method of pulling themselves through the air.

Unknown said...

Never really considered myself "lucky" while I was blowing arse running up the hill with the thing either just quietly Brian.

The first 10,000 rounds... they were the worst.

The second 10,000 rounds... they were the worst too.

Deadman said...

Thanks for the info, Oswald and Murray.

And Murray? I'll buy you whatever you're drinking!

Anonymous said...

Murray - I never had to hump the thing, it was conveniently attached to an old jeep type vehicle (I think it was a Russian copy of the jeep).

Brian Smaller

Unknown said...


Tracks rule.

They make you haul the bastard around on your basic crewmans so you appreciate the ride later.

Not to mention the second gun.