Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Got a good alibi?

A truck load of logs has gone walkabouts

I wonder who would want a truckload of large logs?- what could you possibly use them for!


Unknown said...

I have witnesses!!!!

The finest money can buy.

On an unrelated matter.

Tune in for WMD V2.0 where we'll have even bigger and better machines!

Note to self: Move truck into side street.

KG said...

Juken spokesman:
""Taking logs from us is pretty stupid because we are the only people who grow such old trees and each tree can be traced."

llew said...

WTF - how do you track a log?

KG said...

DNA, apparently. According to JNL, anyway.

Deadman said...

"how do you track a log?"

It's easy, they don't make very good time and they leave a wide swath in dense underbrush.

Anonymous said...

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