Friday, March 21, 2008

SNAFU ahoy!

"The Government is proposing a new national environmental standard for freshwater resources which it says will be like a regulation on its use."

Great- another regulation and following the usual trend- one that will make the situation worse than it already is!

This is yet another blatant admission that the POS Resource Management Act DOESN'T BLOODY WORK! THIS act is meant to manage water take.

The only thing all these loads of bollocks do is RAISE THE BLOODY PRICE OF THE RESOURCES. Correction- and increase the power and cost of of local government.

It's called 'Passion Fingers Syndrome'- everything they touch, they.... well you can figure out the rest!


peterquixote said...

Govt proposes new standard for use of water resources

"Mr Mallard said it would involve regional councils putting in place processes to assess the effects of taking water from rivers, lakes or groundwater systems".

This requirement is already within all the Regional Councils since their inception.

This statement is telling the South Island Dairy Farmers that CPW is shagged ostable.

peterquixote said...

Also Easter Good Friday is when Govt make
slippery announcements nobody looking,

Murray said...

This is why god invented bloggers.