Monday, March 31, 2008

What sort of clowns...

...spend their free time (something they must have far too much of) complaining about pizza ads

I suspect it is a small group responsible for most of these complaints to the TV Nannying Body.

"...5. Charlie's Old Fashioned Lemon Soda, television ad. Children spy on a neighbour topless sunbathing, then they squeeze lemons to make a drink (23). Upheld, not socially responsible..."

I mean- really- I think these types would need a cup of tea and a lie-down after an episode of Coro St!

If my life was so pathetic, I would be begging to be put down!


KG said...

Why does the phrase "socially responsible" conjure pictures of Stalin?
It has a horrible collectivist ring to it, mainly because -like "inappropriate"-it means whatever the nannying bastard busybodies want it to mean.

Murray said...

Socially responsible arccording to who?