Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cretins at play

A call from a tramper in the Tararua Range who claimed his friend had been stabbed has left police stumped.

The 111 call, made from a cellphone at 5.20am on Thursday, first went through to the ambulance service.

The caller said that he was in the Tararuas between One Tree Hill in the Featherston area and Jumbo Hut in the Carterton area.


That is just slightly better than giving their LOC as 'Directly over the center of the Earth'

Let's hope a fat bill for wasting police time(AKA taxpayers money) and a good kick up the arse is forthcoming!

But I'm not hopeful...

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MathewK said...

Or a day or two in the stocks and if that's too long, then a horse-whipping.