Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Franchise chains

Take a good store and fill it with wage slaves who know feck all about the products they make little attempt to sell.

Hunting and Fishing would be the latest example I have struck.

Today we went there, as the wife was interested in a particular rifle advertised in their advertiser magazine.

"Have you got one to look at?"


"when are they coming?"

"If someone orders one"

"I don't buy stuff I haven't seen"


Kiss at least a grand good-buy wage slave.

We need to clean out the public service, so they can fill the jobs fruit picking, the fruit-pickers can replace the dung-gatherers- WHO CAN THEN STAFF THE FRICKIN SHOPS!


Johnboy said...

I hope you asked the wife why she wanted a rifle Oswald? Maybe you should eat some humble pie and go back to H&C and ask to look at their bullet proof vests?

MK said...

That's bad service & poor business, which ever way you look at it.

Mrs Smith said...

Ha ha Johnboy! How's the bottom-situation, Bastable?

KG said...

Reminds me of my loathing for items that come in those rotten bubble-packs...
There's no way to get a decent look at what you're buying without taking it out of the pack, and if you do that the drone behind the counter has a fit of the vapours.

helmet said...

H&F is a particularly useless chain I've found. There's a couple of good stores, the whakatane one's pretty mean, and the rest are shit.

What rifle was she after?

Oswald Bastable said...

.223 Weatherby Vanguard Compact