Monday, March 24, 2008

No future- for you

I was sent a link to this story by Crusader Rabbit.

Bloody depressing stuff- well, it would be if it didn't make my friggin' blood boil! I would like to put them out of their misery with one through the back of the head!

"Known as the "Shameless" family among horrified neighbours, the McFaddens "boast" three generations of adults who are not working.

All ten members of the clan share a council house and live off benefits amounting to around £32,000 a year. And very happy they are, too..."

This sorry shower of shite are in the UK- I wish the local spineless media would do a few stories on our home-grown variety of leech. Of course, there is a high probability of them being brown or brindle, so the gods of PC would be offended. There are a bunch of them up the road- every sunny day they are out front drinking beer and RTD's all day long. Work is something that happens to somebody else!

They are a classic case of the belief in 'Entitlement' that is becoming more and more entrenched here- we are just 1-2 generations behind the Brit's- and these sorts have a far shorter period between those generation, breeding to a 16-year cycle!

This one in particular bugs the crap out of me:

"Steven left school 23 years ago and has worked for only five years in that time. It's 12 years since he last had a job. Steven lives in Swansea with partner Donna, 24, who's never worked, and their daughter Celsea, three. His eldest daughter from a previous partner, 17-year-old Jessica, is also on benefits.

Steven says: "Mum never really made us think about work. I did do a plumbing YTS scheme after school. They paid £27 a week, but it was so boring looking at pipes and sinks all day. When I told my dad I was bored, he said I should never stick with a job I didn't like.

"So, eventually, in my 20s, I thought: "I've tried security work and plumbing and I've even been a taxi driver for six months, but I just don't like working". My mates all left school and became mechanics, sweating it out in stinking, dirty garages for a couple of hundred quid a week.

"I'm much better off than any of them. The highlight of their day is going to the bakery to get a pasty for lunch and they've aged 20 years from the stress of working for a pittance and being stuck indoors all day. It's my right to claim benefits. We're all entitled to do what we want in life.

"I could have trained as a fireman or something, but I didn't want the responsibility. All I've ever wanted is to chill out and have easy money. All my family and friends live in council houses - my parents included..."

Yeah, I would like to spend the rest of my life under a shady tree drinking beer- I have to settle for doing it in the weekend after my chores here are done. There is a convenient branch on my shady apple tree that is just right to hang that idle fucker from!


gecko said...

This annoys the hell out of me as well, there is plenty of that going here.
What really gets up my nose is having a 20yr old come in to where I work on a sickness benefit. He'd been out drinking the night before and walking home he got into a fight. Not only do I pay for his sickness benefit, I have to treat the bastard as well!

KG said...

There are no words...
And yet, there will still be apologists for these leeches.

MK said...

Indeed there are folks, it seems more and more of these worthless parasites are making themselves at home on our backs. There is a little amount of justice every now and then though, recently some bludger in Australia decided to chuck a sickie and fly off to Perth to watch the footy. Bit of a dumbass because he told his mates at work. Anyway he got a doctors certificate and all that but his employer fired his dumbass. So he went to court and surprisingly the court agreed with the employer. It gets worse, for the dumbass that is, then he goes on national tv whinging and whining about the whole thing, if you were a prospective employer, would you hire this loser? He's about to find out the answer to that the hard way.

Anonymous said...
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