Monday, March 10, 2008

Not PC

There has been a lot of waffle about PC on kiwiblog.

Some twat says that those who use this term use it when talking about stuff they don't understand.

I understand throwing a 68 year old woman off a bridge is bad. Saying I would like to open a can of whoop-ass on the black prick that threw her off is probably defined as not PC and probably redneck vigilante hate-speech.

So be it. I would still like to play king of the bridge with Mr Sambo Darkie Coon.

I know I'm being offensive. Throwing a pensioner of a bridge is more so.

If you don't like that- please feel free to go fuck yourself.


KG said...

Too bloody right!
The lefties whinge and cringe whenever someone mentions PC shit because they know they're guilty. So they try to define it away in typical snivelling leftist fashion.
We know it when we see it though.
I'd like to see that fat Polynesian thug chucked off the harbour bridge-- with a couple of tractor axles chained to his ankles.
To encourage the others.

MathewK said...

No, not the harbour bridge, too much water, can't see what happens after that... find a bridge in dry country, throw him off legs first.

The legs will break and hopefully he'll live, so then you can bring him back up and throw him head first to finish the job. Sends a clear message when words will fail.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Off to Aunty's re-education camps for you both!