Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reason #478849 not to like local (or the other) government

They get dumbass ideas like this:

A painting- what the hell are you 'thinking'!

This is not why we pay rates aka TAX.

WE want water, sewers, roads and a few parks. That's IT!

What they are talking about amounts to the tax on TWENTY properties. Twenty Ratepayers have to cough up $1300 (the going rate here) apiece for a bloody painting!

Hold a friggin' raffle- have a cake stall.

Or dare I say it- if you think it is a good idea- dig deep into YOUR OWN pockets.


Lucyna Maria said...

They could always ask for donations for the council to buy it. So if there are not enough donations, the rate payers don't want it, end of story.

peterquixote said...

In the news paper re this article

"We're making history by making a decision," councillor Elaine Brazendale said.