Friday, March 21, 2008

Home D for a Pervert

"Three teenage girls who were indecently assaulted by their Auckland teacher say their education and confidence were severely dented by the offending.

A jury last month found Smith guilty of four charges of indecent assault and two of sexual conduct against a girl under 16.

The charges related to three girls between the ages of 12 and 16 and happened between 2002 and 2006..."


IMNSHO, a person who abuses a position of trust should get the book thrown at them, not a slapping with a wet bus ticket!

I've seen guys locked up for a lot less!

There is a hell of an outcry when a cop is tried for being a dirty sleaze and they are vilified by the media. Why should a schoolteacher get any less?


frenemy said...

A schoolteacher is treated differently because they are necessary to spread the indoctrination (oops what I meant was they are necessary to assist these young minds to explore the world of opportunities being made available to them).
Soon we will hear that Paedophiles have rights too, and that will be closely followed by, well, I guess you can work it out!

KG said...

Read Anne Coulter, Oswald--schoolteachers are a protected species.

Murray said...

Any teacher who tries to cop a feel on my 12 year old daughter isn't going to last long enough to get sent to his room by the socialist overlords.

mojo said...

... & a female judge, no less.
So the seriousness of the offending may not have been that 'great,' but certainly made up for by the frequency of the offending ... & in all probability, but the 'tip of the iceberg.'
I was somewhat surprised at the 'home detention' consequences too.
Interesting though, for the 'gravity of offence' must to a considerable degree rest on what the individual judge perceives, from their personal experience, to be serious.

Ash said...

I might as well be the one to play it...
Do you consider a european master would have received the same treatment at the hands of the judge?

Murray said...

Well duh.

Ash said...
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Ash said...

I assume from that erudite comment, you disagree?

We once had a judge in Napier - male, so obviously not this one - that if a maori defendant appeared before him, the prosecution had to have a minimum of 3 witnesses to state they saw the defendant commit the offence before he would reluctantly convict & discharge.

I think the entire Police station there had a party the day he left for more northerly climes...... anyway, I know he wasnt the only judge to temper justice with bias.

MK said...

Pedophiles seem to be a protected species too, out here, it's not much better, just the other day some scumbag who sexually abused a kid for 11 years got a few months in jail! Some say they have lost touch with community expectations, i'm not sure they were ever 'in touch' with community expectations.

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to be listening to the victims (again). It's just... plain...nuts.