Thursday, March 27, 2008

Resource Management Act [Tui ad here]

"Greytown people are either in the happy situation where money is no object or they just can't get the message when it comes to saving water.

The town's water usage is way out of whack with other towns in South Wairarapa and with metered water now a reality the financial cost of wasting it will soon hit home.

"...Latest figures show that Greytown soaked up 73,353 cubic metres in February more than 12,000cu m more than Martinborough, and 20,000cu m more than Featherston.

Over the last year Greytown has consistently used far more reticulated water each month than either of the other two towns and in winter uses double the amount used in Martinborough despite having only fractionally more connections to the water mains..."


These people are the highest per capita water users in NZ. The RMA does diddly squat about their water use/abuse. Water meter mean they will have to pay. This will be a big fat 'so what' When you have spent 20k on landscaping for your quaint little cottage, you don't give a shit about another grand a year in water charges.

Nor does the RMA stop farmers pumping aquifers dry to keep their cows producing milk, in the same area.

So what does the RMA do- jack squat.

Scrap the fricking waste of time RMA!. All it does is add costs to projects that will happen regardless.

The SWDC don't have the balls to enforce their minimal restrictions- as all the locals know. So the locals will continue to hose down their fences & driveways during the middle of summer without fear of penalty.

To the locals- don't bother to call your local councilors. It ain't entirely their fault. The non-elected 'officials' are the ones running out of control.

Think about that last point...


Murray said...

And what proportion of Greytown are actually trendy leftie latee's slurping chardonnay socialist from Wellington compared to say Featherston?

sweetpea said...

I wonder how many welshmen (leaks)there are?

Nothing wrong with metered water - It is a little hard to complain about a $200+ 6 monthly water bill when it is priced @ 19c/thousand litres.

peterquixote said...

Some of your readers Ostable may be interested that Helengrand is infiltrating Regional Councils with over arching corporate objectives.
This strange woman in her demise is becoming Corporate in drag.
It won't save her of course, we have her hell as you so aptly describe above, prepared for her and we insist that she go there